A winning concept in the short and long term

How we work

Step 1: Start-up meeting

We start by going through a list of potential candidates that we have developed based on your needs. You decide which candidates are most interesting before we go through how to present you.

Step 2: Processing

We start contacting the selected candidates on the list and make sure they have an interest in discussing a job change. When we notice that there is an interest in hearing more, you and the recruiting manager's department are introduced.

Step 3: Resume / Candidate profile

When a candidate approves that we send you a resume / candidate profile, this is then sent in an email with a description of the candidate's current work situation.

Step 4: interview

If the resume / candidate presentation looks interesting, we will then book an interview between you and the candidate.

Step 5: Second Opinion / Reference taking

We follow through the entire process and assist you with objective feedback from the interviews with the candidates. If you want us to check references, we’ll assist you with that as well.

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